NÜFLY started in a coffee shop in San Francisco on August 20, 2018 by co-founders Dan and Belinda. It was born out of a desire to work on a purposeful project centered around mental health and creativity. To build volumes of art therapy and stories that dive deeper into the creative process. Walking the fine line between our dream and reality to show you can do it too.

We’ve learned over time that art can be incredibly therapeutic. This is why we’ve decided to embark on this journey. Outlets are necessary for one’s own sanity. How we express our inner world to the outside changes with each person. A peek inside someone else’s world can let us know we are not alone in our thoughts and feelings and show us other perspectives.

We essentially want to create something we would want to see on a friend’s coffee table.
the fine line between a dream and a reality.


Belinda Man
Editor-In-Chief | Co-Founder

I’m a storyteller specializing in video, photography, and design. I started my creative journey in 2000 when I was looking for something to ground my ADHD. Media became my medicine.

Daniel Fung
Creative Director | Co-Founder

Hello world! I’m a photographer and graphic designer based in SF. left my 9-5 office job back in 2017 and have been doing freelance work for local clothing brands, event organizers, and musicians. ⠀⠀⠀

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Cas Casasola
Motion Graphic Designer

Visual Maverick - Capturing emotion. I have a passion for design and stylistic. I strive to embrace curiosity and to pursue mastery.

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Don Kim
Visual Designer

I’m a problem solver with a focus in brand strategy, visual design, and illustrations. I enjoy design that is thoughtfully provoking or emotional. Design that communicates without filler and is straight to the point.