SESSION 008 ft. Aleta Lee

It's Saturday! This past week has been extraordinary, to say the least. 'Rona has been affecting markets so heavily that its ripples are felt by everyone from folks in the food industry to freelancers. Times are tough and it's especially important to take care of your well-being right now.

On today's live stream, Dan will be revisiting a layout for Arumi. Don is researching potential merch ideas (hint: atmosphere building). Belinda will be editing a video from our photo shoot last week. And Cas will be joining us for next week's stream. Also, we'll be joined by a special guest, Aleta Lee! Aleta is involved with the SF Arts Commission and we'll be discussing her experiences.

Tune in today and come chat with us!

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Live stream aired on Saturday Mar 14, 2020 via Twitch