SESSION 032 feat. Eileen Sho Ji

Hola fam. Have you been well? In case you missed it, there has been a lot of music released this week. SZA, Big Sean, and others to name a few - go explore a dope soundscape on your break!

For this weekend’s live stream, we have a special friend and guest: Eileen Sho Ji. She is a vocalist and songwriter currently based in Berkeley, CA. Our team really loves the energy Eileen always brings with her. Hearing her vocals for the first time made such a last impression on us. Many of her projects have been self-published and has gathered the attention of other talented Bay Area artists that led to amazing collaborations. We’ll be discussing her journey as an artist, diving into her songwriting + production process, and sifting through some old/unreleased projects.

Tune in this weekend and come hang out with us!

Discover more about Eileen Sho Ji:

Live stream aired on Saturday September 05, 2020 via Twitch