SESSION 040 feat. Fabian Molina

Sup Fam! Transformation is a natural occurrence in life. It is something to expect and embrace. Here’s a quote we’d like to share from @yung_pueblo: “Be prepared to meet a new version of yourself every time you shed another layer of old trauma/conditioning/hurt. As you let go, your likes, dislikes, perspectives and interests will shift. Transformation is natural as you travel the road to greater self-awareness, happiness and peace.”

For this weekend’s live stream, we have a special guest: Fabian Molina. He is an animator and illustrator based in Portland, OR. One of our favorite projects from him is his animated short film “Don’t Ever Let Go.” He is currently an Associate Creative Director at oddfellows tv. As of late, he has been exploring 35mm film photography to study the basics and composition. We’ll be discussing his journey as an artist, diving into his animation process, and exploring past projects + current sources of inspiration.

Tune in this weekend and come hang out with us!

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Live stream aired on Saturday October 31, 2020 via Twitch