SESSION 042 feat. Marielle Co

Hey Fams! Winter is upon us. We have felt the temperature drop dramatically with the icy weather. Many of us may start feeling the dread of loneliness. It’s even more important to reconnect with your friends and family now. We’d like to share a quote from @minaa_b: “You don’t have to struggle alone. Community-care is just as important as self-care.”

For this weekend’s live stream, we have a special guest: Marielle Co. She is a multi-talented creative with a focus in project management and designing specialized products. We recently came across her work this year and was instantly mesmerized by her creations (especially her rugs) that reflected an eye for detail and taste for culture. As of late, she is building multiple brands including planet mars, ONA, and timelessxclassics. We’ll be discussing her journey as an artist, diving into her rug creation process, and exploring past projects + current sources of inspiration.

Tune in this weekend and come hang out with us!

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Live stream aired on Saturday November 14, 2020 via Twitch