SESSION 044 feat. Mr. Hong

Sup Friends! Have you been well? We took a two-week hiatus to rest up and recalibrate our team’s well-being. It’s been quite a challenge for us to close our laptops without feeling like we’re losing time on being productive but the burnouts have been real. We recognize this common dilemma amongst artists and would like to share with you a quote from @wetheurban: “If it makes you happy, it’s not a waste of time.”   

For this weekend’s live stream, we have a special guest: Mr. Hong. He is a lofi music producer/engineer currently based in San Francisco. Some of his past collaborators include Hans., Summer Soul, Blu, Naji, and Eileen Sho Ji. Recently, he dropped a new album titled “cafe p.m - mr. hong and pastels”. A lot of gems in there. Lofi is a huge source of inspiration for us at NÜFLY. We’ll be exploring his journey as an artist, diving into his music production process, and discussing stories of his past projects + current sources of inspiration.

Grab some tea/coffee and tune into some cafe ambience with us!

Discover more about Mr. Hong:

Live stream aired on Saturday December 19, 2020 via Twitch